Today, the DSA announces two brand new partnerships. Both StartupAmsterdam and Health Valley will support the DSA in realising our mission to make the Netherlands startupproof. DSA president Roland Sars: “The DSA is proud to have these two new partners on board. With StartupAmsterdam and Healthy Valley we are strengthening our local and regional network.They can help the DSA grow locally and amongst startups and scale-ups in the Life Sciences & Health sector.”

StartupAmsterdam director Bas Beekman: “It’s an obvious development for StartupAmsterdam and the DSA to join forces when the two organisations have a common goal: to make sure Netherlands-based startups can grow and scale with as little hindrance as possible.”

Health Valley director Chris Doomernik: “This partnership makes our innovation network stronger. We see the partnership between Health Valley and the DSA as a great opportunity to represent the interests of startups and scale-ups in the Life Sciences & Health sector. In this market, innovation is difficult and time-consuming. By getting quicker market acces for innovative products and services, we are not only helping startups and scale-ups, but also the patient. And that’s what it’s all about!”

Pieter Veldhuizen · 13 march 2019