Dear all,

The corona virus puts a serious strain on The Netherlands. We have now rapidly entered an economic slowdown and the effects potentially have long term effects. The government has released a first aid package of measures for short term relief for businesses. Although many startups are not directly affected by the crises, they will be indirectly and therefore these measures are important for them as well.

Luckily, startups are by default resilient to changes in the ecosystem, as they often are the change. They are used to making quick decisions and thorough changes to increase their chances of survival. All businesses could use that startup way right now and collectively that is how we can help.

Despite the problems startups, like any business, face now, many startups also start and thrive during crises. Some startups suddenly see a large uptake in users and usage as they provide typical services that are needed right now. They are changing the game in education (Squla e.g.), healthcare/research (CastorEDC e.g.) and help parents read to their kids while they are busy (Voorleesboek). Even the toilet paper meme was quite helpful to a startup like The Good Roll.

The corona crisis forces everyone to work differently, do business differently and organize differently. We are facing a worldwide pivot of the way we work.

Most businesses are experiencing a new way of integrating work and life, a setup that has been normal for startups for years. So today startups are not just the engine of tomorrow’s economy, they can also lead the way forward.

What can startups do and what will the Dutch Startup Association do to help the country and the global economy? Besides making sure that government measurements are aligned with what startups need, we are planning to do three things:

  1. Indicate which startups in particular can now help the economy, and the society.
  2. Promote these startups to all companies, professionals and governments.
  3. Organize online events for startups to exchange best practices and share them publicly.

This is how startups can contribute.

Call For All Startups

The Dutch economy needs your help. We are looking for all startups that can directly or indirectly contribute. Think of all startups ranging from healthcare, education, sustainability and remote working to supply chain resilience and more. We are making a list. Can you help us make it as complete as possible. We want to put as many startups forward as possible. For them, for everyone.

PLEASE SEND US at least 1 startup you think can contribute. Or as many as you can. Who and how.

You are helping that startup, the overall economy and yourself.

The situation we are in can be considered an MVP for our future economy. Let’s create some proper traction and scale it up!

Thank you,
The Board