DSA aids companies in retraining employees to entrepreneurs

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 4TH 2020 – Around 2.000 companies will go into bankruptcy this year and a wave of dismissal seems inevitable. As a response to this issue, Dutch Startup Association (DSA) will set up the project Startout, which concerns existing employees who will be transformed to entrepreneurs, with the aim to reduce dismissal in businesses. The biggest startup representative in the Netherlands offers companies and workers support, for the purpose of preserving  jobs, innovation and talent.

A preliminary study conducted by DSA revealed that The Netherlands’ leading position among the European startup ecosystem was at risk, due to the fact that its current governmental schemes are insufficient. Without investments, The Netherlands will be exposed to the risk of the deterioration of startups. It is that which incites DSA to stimulate upcoming entrepreneurs, as startups are the future of the Dutch economy, especially the companies which were founded during the crisis, just as the successful startups from 2008 were proven to be.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are the DNA of The Netherlands. It is, therefore, to us, to establish the biggest wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in history and to keep the country at forefront. We encourage all companies, which were forced to keep their costs low during the crisis, to massively engage with innovation.”  (Lucien Burm, chairman of DSA). 

Converting costs of dismissal into entrepreneurs of the future

The Startout program is directed at aiding companies in turning dismissal into 500 new startups, by combining entrepreneurship and the startup mentality. Through supporting enterprising employees when founding their own company, DSA and the participating companies will not only create more employment opportunities, but also prevent future, extra resignations. In this way, the focus of these companies will be converted to investing in future entrepreneurs, instead of saving costs through unavoidable redundancies. In addition, enterprises can actively take part in these startups through saving up on dismissal payments and utilise these financial means as investments instead.

DSA sustains, along with her network of partners, upcoming entrepreneurs in the fields of innovation, finance and laws and regulations, as previously done through the succesful launch of the ReStartup initiative. The support for companies and their respective employees will be specifically designed to the needs of the participants accordingly.

Government: save on benefits, invest in entrepreneurship

The startup representative also calls upon the authorities to save on allowances, such as the UWV regulation in which job seekers are provided an entrepreneurial opportunity for half a year with governmental support. Instead, the government ought to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation through appropriate regulations. Consequentially, DSA will be one step ahead of these costs with Startout, more employment will be developed and The Netherlands will continue to compete on the field of innovation.

Companies, investors, authorities and other organisations who want to contribute to the innovation wave can sign up by contacting startout@dutchstartupassociation.nl.

About DSA:

Dutch Startup Association is the voice of Dutch startups since 2017. The organisation’s ultimate goals are to become the Startup Nation of Europe, to connect the entire startup ecosystem and to optimise it. Startups are the job engines of the economy of tomorrow and essential to innovation and employment. As a startup presentative, DSA likes to establish contact with all companies, contractors, authorities and other organisations as to discuss together how we can stimulate this innovation wave and prevent unnecessary dismissals.

To get in contact, please email startout@dutchstartupassociation.nl.

For interview inquiries, please contact Sabine de Witte at sabine@dutchstartupassociation.nl

Read the press release in Dutch here: http://dsa.pr.co/191392-dsa-helpt-bedrijven-medewerkers-omscholen-tot-ondernemers