End of the year: DSA's newsletter

Pieter Veldhuizen • 4 December 2018
Hi all! 

Sinterklaas has been spotted and Christmas decoration is lighting up the streets! Meaning, the end of the year is nearby and this will be the very last newsletter of 2018. Therefore we would like to look back on the first year of DSA. 

First of all we would like to THANK YOU for your support. As a member, partner or friend. Together we can raise the startup voice and change policy for the better of business.  

Looking back

We are proud to say that we have over 80 members until now, giving us feedback and input to form an agenda. And (the reason why we're on earth!) we can say that we are making progress in spicing up Dutch politics, as we are being heard and receive invites to talk about improving start- and scale-up policies. We're also stepping up our game in Brussels, by joining Allied for Startups and uniting with our fellow European ecosystem boosters. 

Looking forward

We are planning to present a new legal entity that will be very benificial to startups in the early stage. This is still work in progress, we will keep you updated. Furthermore we will keep on jumping in the gap for better regulations and we will be holding the entire ecostystem's feet to the fire during our upcoming General meeting. It's going the be memorable, we can tell you that! Read more about it below. 

Help a brother out!

Are you a walking calculator? a wizard with numbers or dedicated to contribute to the DSA? Than we are looking for you! We are putting together an audit committee to perform yearly audit. Willing to help out? Send a mail to our money man Taco.

Not Optional—
Europe must attract more talent to startups

" If we don’t eliminate the talent bottleneck, we risk squandering the incredible momentum that European tech has built up in recent years. The next Google, Amazon or Netflix could well come from Europe, but for that to happen, reforming the rules of employee ownership is definitely not optional." 
Read the article or sign the letter!

How about paying in stock options...

Probably not! Since The Netherlands are falling behind on other European countries when it comes to different ways of rewarding your employees. Let's do a wake up call and let the Dutch government know how you feel about the current situation. Fill out just 5 questions and help to make a change! 
              Take the survey!

Members in the spotlight


We congratulate Temper for winning the Rising Star award! 

Good Job Swapfiets for reaching the Challenger50 finals! 

We congratulate Zivver with raising 12 million dollar to enter  and conquer international markets! 

Taking a big step forward, Feli e-commerce changed their name and from now on will be helping companies with e-commerce transitioning under the name 'Aiden'. 

After 5 years Maurice Bakker is starting a new adventure and will be launching his new startup scouting company 4KVentures in January. Wishing you all the best! 

Psssst... We have something in store for you! 

So General Meetings and annual reports are boring? We think they're lit! 
Brace yourself and don't miss out, because DSA will organise a meeting to remember...

To be continued
The question is....
Who would you like to encounter under the mistletoe?
Elon 'aiming for the moon' Musk 
Pepper 'the robot' 
'Code with Klossy' Karlie Kloss 

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On behalf of the DSA team,
Happy holidays!
Pieter Veldhuizen en Maxime Bakker