“Europe, quite important?!”

Pieter Veldhuizen • 23 May 2018
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“Europe, quite important?!”

Now that we are finding our way in the Dutch political landscape, the time has come to
spread our wings. Don’t worry; we won’t be moving our office to Brussels (or do they
have a good expat ruling there?). If we even had an office, but hey we’re a startup

The following months we will enter the domain of EU-lobbying and decision-making. We will seek alliances and monitor international developments on our community page. Join the community and stay up-to-date!

European proposals are coming your way

Of course, when it comes to fiscal policies the Dutch government has the lead. They have to power and should have the ambition to make the Netherlands the most attractive country for startups and scale-ups. But business-wise, there are a lot of directives and regulations that come from Brussels. And these have a huge impact on our members! What about the GDPR regarding data protection, which will be in place as from May 25th?

“The Dutch Startup Association cannot ignore the impact of Brussels legislation for its members”

Furthermore, the European Commission has presented a new Platform2Business proposal. In this proposal, the Commission wants to ensure fairness and transparency of online intermediation services. Along with the GDPR the Commission is also working on a legislative proposal for a new ePrivacy regulation. And finally there is the discussion on digital tax for large internet companies and platforms. Just to name a few low-key examples…

Positive policy-making necessary

It is without a doubt the EU seeks more and more instruments to influence the
digital market. The DSA strives for a common European digital market, whereby companies are allowed to experiment when it comes to new technologies. The starting point should always be that digitalisation and the internet offer companies, consumers and governments possibilities to take the next steps in building their future economies.

“We strive for a common European digital market, whereby companies are allowed to experiment when it comes to new technologies.”

Seeking chances instead of threats should always drive policymakers. That’s something that the DSA will always address, whether it’s the Dutch government or the European Commission. New technologies should be assessed carefully but should not be seen as enemies a priori.


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Let the games begin

At the moment, the European budget in the period 2021-2027 is heavily discussed in
Brussels. The Commission presented a preliminary budget earlier this month. With the Brexit at our doorstep, several countries such as the Netherlands, Finland and Austria believe that a lower budget is sufficient. Whereas other countries (France, surprisingly) find the agricultural budget cuts “unacceptable”. Plenty of ingredients for a high-stakes European political poker game! The DSA aims at a modern budget, where innovation is leading. It is innovation, ambition and digitalisation that drive our future (European) economy.

So what can we conclude from the above? The DSA cannot ignore the impact of Brussels legislation for its members, so a clear European strategy is needed. As a legendary Dutch campaign once stressed: “Europe, quite important.” Do you agree? Share your ideas and comments below!

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