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Help us help you. Join the DSA as a contributing member by filling in the membership form. But first: check our generous qualifications.

Members need:

The DSA is open for startups (annual revenue < €1 million) and scale-ups (annual revenue > € 1 million). As a members you should offer scalable and tech driven products. Furthermore:

  1. You have to be founded in The Netherlands, have a Dutch legal entity and have an office in The Netherlands
  2. Your company has to have founder(s) with shares in the company

Welcome partners:

Established companies (Partners) are also very welcome to join us. Partners are no members but beneficiaries. That’s why you’re not obliged to meet the qualifications above. Interested in contributing to the DSA as partner? Let us know!

We also have a special arrangement for VC’s, check it out at:

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Support options*

Startup member: € 12 the first year (€ 120 the second year, € 1200 the third year)Scale up member: € 1.200 per yearVC partner: to be discussed

Company KvK number (Chamber of Commerce)

Please see when you are unsure.

Now that you want to make your voice heard, what do you think should be our priority?*

Lobby for more attractive fiscal policies (shares for wages, investments)Lobby for better governmental regulations (labour market, tendering etc)Lobby for improving digital skills in educationLobby for better EU tech-policyOther:


Should you experience any problems meeting the financial membership obligations, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can come to a solution together.