Daily DSA Newsletter :)

Pieter Veldhuizen • 9 March 2018

Dear all,

Just kidding, we won't spam you on a daily basis. In this newsletter we will try to regularly inform you to keep you up-to-date!

So what have we been up to? Earlier last month we 'formally' launched the DSA! It received a lot of attention on social and online media. Our president Roland Sars had a nice interview on Sprout. Business News Radio (BNR) also frequently mentioned the DSA in their weekly startup-panel.


The coming weeks we will meet with several politicians from parties such as VVD, D66 and the CU (Christian Union) to get to know them and inform them about our goals. A nice thing to mention is that we are asked for an expert-meeting in the Dutch Parliament when it comes to Invest-NL; A new investment-institution that (amongst other things) strives for more, easy accessible, venture capital for startups. 

We will also contribute to the public consultation for the legislative proposal for Invest-NL. Ideas? Send them to [email protected]


Our goal is to make the DSA a thriving community for its members. Feel free to post and respond to topics on our community (after login on site). I have recently posted that I need your help when it comes to the new Dutch Digital Strategy :) So registerlog in and help us out! 


To make the DSA a succes-story we need more members. Please inform your network about the DSA and sign them up.


Interested in getting to know other members of the DSA? We are planning an event somewhere in Amsterdam in May. We will keep you updated.

So once again, we hope you will actively contribute to the DSA and help spread our message throughout your network!  

On behalf of the DSA team,
Pieter Veldhuizen