Blockchain, crypto and ICO regulation for startups in The Netherlands

Taco Potze • 30 May 2018

This will be an ongoing post on the efforts the DSA is working on in order to make the Netherlands a blockchain friendly country for startups!


At the moment we are making inventory of the organisations in this area and making connections. For example with:

Dutch Blockchain Coalition



Holland Fintech

And more as for example universities. We will update the list as it grows!

We would love to meet you at the following events to discuss your views on blockchain regulation and where we should improve:

What is happening in The Netherlands? See these videos from BIC18:


Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau is the StartUp Envoy at StartupDelta. He traveled around the world and looked what blockchain & startups means for modernisation & innovation for goverment & economy. What are his findings? Is the Netherlands a POC (proof of concept) or a real blockchain country that also produces. How does he see ICOs as financing tool for startups? 


(Dutch video) Op woensdag 16 mei ging de Tweede Kamer in debat over regulering van cryptomunten. De kamer wil de burger beschermen voor scams en hevige koersschommelingen. Tegelijkertijd zien ze de potentie van Blockchain technologie in, en hoe dat een positieve en disruptieve invloed kan hebben of vele industrieën. Met D66, CDA, VVD, Denk, PVDA.

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