Debates in Dutch Parliament: pains and gains

Pieter Veldhuizen • 9 November 2018

Since the beginning of this year, the DSA has been approaching political stakeholders in order to spice up Dutch politics and policy. First steps have been taken. But we're not there yet! 

After the start of the political season in september several things have started to move in the right direction. First, the Dutch government decided not to abolish the dividend tax. That decision resulted in a lower corporation tax for SME's, a light transition regime for expats under the 30% ruling and a higher S&O contribution relief for innovative companies. 

Just after Prinsjesdag several relevant debates took place. First of all, during a recent debate on regulatory burdens, Sjoerd Sjoerdsma the new spokesperson for Economic Affairs of the D66 party, asked State Secretary Keijzer to always involve startups and scale-ups when it comes to policymaking. In the same debate, but also during the debate on the Economic Affairs budget Keijzer ensured that she will involve and listen to startups more pro-actively. She asked companies to approach her when it comes to new rules- and regulations. We'll sure do that! 

Next week, there will also be a vote on several motions when it comes to Invest-NL, the new investment institution. It will once again acknowledge that startups and scale-ups should get the opportunity to get funded by InvestNL. Even if they're not profitable at the moment. Both the SP and VVD & D66 highlighted this issue!

During the debate on both the Dutch Tax Package and the Economic Affairs budget, Eppo Bruins, MP for the ChristenUnie asked to implement a 'Tante Agaath' arrangement to get more private capital on the market. Let's hope that a concrete proposal will follow. The government remains quite hesitant, also when it comes to extending the startup visa. Issues that we will permanently bring to the table.

Both MP's Lodders (VVD) and Verhoeven (D66) asked to move forward on the discussion on payment in stockoptions. One of the priorities of the DSA. The government will most likely come with a proposal next year. But let's wait and see..

To end on a positive note: a proposal to strengthen the WBSO funds by ChristenUnie and D66 will most likely get a majority, and the State Secretary will make sure her Startup Letter will contain a interdepartmental approach

Time to take our efforts to the next level!