Prinsjesdag 2018: voice of startups desperately needed!

Pieter Veldhuizen • 19 September 2018

Yesterday, the Dutch government announced their budget for the year 2019. Although the forecasts for individual citizens appear to be sunny, for startups and scale-ups there is not much to cheer about. It definitely wasn't a "state of the startups".

First of all, the Dutch government chooses not to widen fiscal policies that could help young and innovative companies. For example payment in stock or supporting private investments. Second, a transition regime for expats under the 30% ruling is still lacking. 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs acknowledges startups as drivers for growth and wealth. However, plans with regard to digitalisation policy remain without additional means. And with regard to Invest-NL there still remain a lot of insecurities. 

Our knowledge partner EY has made a more fiscal analysis for startup-entrepreneurs, well worth a read!

For the DSA lies a challenge to approach MP's and ministries the coming months to try to move policy in a more innovative direction. And yes, we do have some great, concrete ideas. Up for grabs! It's a shame that the government continues to support the old industries, without embracing the companies of the future.

What do YOU miss with regard to Prinsjesdag?