ReStartup, the supporting initiative of Dutch Startup Association, launched in August 2020, was a program which was targeted at startups which needed a helping hand while facing the aftermath of the COVID-19 catastrophe. In order to help startups in the best way possible, a plan of action was set, which is discussed further in this post.

It has already come to light that the corona crisis was an unexpected blow directed at everyone in society. Following the lockdown, the business world was faced with the hard consequences, which required companies to come to a halt. For startups in particular, the little guys in the field, this seemed to be the end of the world.

However, when one gets knocked down, they need to get up again. At Dutch Startup Association, we not only believed that it was our task to help startups recover and guide them to prosperity in this pandemic, but also that we would do this together with those who needed it the most. The birth of the ReStartup program was the product that came out of this collaboration.

Aimed at aiding startups in recovering from the COVID-19 consequences, the support program focused on different support areas (Finance, Strategy, Mentorship and Networking). The data of the ReStartup program can be found in the infographic above, which includes the results according to the startups who joined the program.

For those who participated, we thank you for your participation and we sincerely hope the initiative benefited you. However, are you interested in receiving our support in the long-run? Becoming a DSA member will provide this for only 12 euros by signing up here. This offer is also open to those who did not have the opportunity to participate in ReStartup.

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